Sunday, 13 February 2011

Blog award - my first!

A week or so ago I received this award from Kobie, but wasn't quite sure what to do (being so new to bloggin and all) but here goes.

It's an award for those who don't have hundreds of followers.

1.First you have to accept the award...i accept, thank you so much Kobie!
2. Now create a  post and advertise the Liebster blog photo.
3. Link back to the person who gave you the award (Kobie's blog)
4. Choose 3-5 fellow bloggers to tag and give the award to.

I nominate;

Happy Crafting!


  1. Well done on your first award Nicola


  2. Well done Nicola on your first award I was awarded this too a few weeks ago and it'a a lovely award to have and thank you for thinking of me but as I already have it would you like to give it someone else please don't be offened by this I just think it's an award you can only have once and I'm sure you now some other well deserving peeps see you soon
    Jacki xx

  3. Oh Jacki, I hadn't realised. It's certainly well deserved, but I understand. Catch you later, Nx

  4. thanks for being so understanding I did exactly the same with Kathy so.Anyway thanks again speak soon
    Jacki xx

  5. Well done Nicola. Thank you for the honour of receiving this one too. Hugs Cherry XXX

  6. Thanks for the award Nicola,but wasn't too sure what i was doing with it!And i don't really know anyone else to give it to aswell!Lol.Thanks for thinking of me though.Heather.x