Friday, 25 January 2013

Smash book from gelli prints

As promised from the last post, here are the photos of the finished smash book - just asking to be filled. The front cover on once stamping and embellishments were added. The bottom layer is a yellow and green acrylic with gold 'Golden' paint to give a sheen:

Inside front cover:



Gelli printing experiments!

This Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending a workshop at Art From the Heart on gelli printing, run by the very talented Kate Crane.

It's a while since I've been on any kind of workshop and although I haven't got a gelli plate I wanted to do something that would fit with my current favourite branch of journalling. And what can I say - it was ace!

Working in a pair with craft pal Catherine, we got to grips with how things worked and got a bunch of good (and not so good) prints.... but what a great learning experience. After lunch we turned our faves into an item of our choice. I created a smash book.

So, now for the onslaught of photos. You have been warned!

Ready to go:

First prints - using sail boat blue toned down with another colour I can't quite recall.

Adding a second layer to two of those first prints.

Going for a striking one layer look on textured card:

This one I love!
Cogs on top of trees - honest!

And then I cut down and mounted one as a cover.... added stamping and embellishments. Really trasnforms it.... oh dear....can't insert the image. Well, more on this later folks!