Sunday, 25 January 2015

Colour! (DLP Challenge #3)

I pondered this challenge for a whole week before I did it....actually ending up doing something in my main journal first and then coming back to my DLP mini journal. It was exciting using the full colour wheel (without ending up with mud!).

Week 3 (17th Jan) challenge was:

January Theme - The Blank Page and How to Face It!
Art Challenge: The Colour Wheel
Journal Prompt: "I found I could say things with colour and shapes, I couldn't say any other way" - Georgia O'Keefe

Before I go any further, yes I know Georgia O'Keefe is American. But I had to use the English spelling of 'colour'. It would just bug me too much otherwise!

This week saw me reach for the gelatos, I really do like the way they blend together although it looks more blocky in the photo than IRL. I tried not to keep the edge of the circles too neat and split the colour wheel to encompass the quote.

BUT....what did I do beforehand? Well, I worked in my larger Dylusions journal on something that really was a gamble for me and could easily have turned out as a disaster. It didn't. I quite like it. I personally would like to work on my flesh tones, but like the impact of the colourful Promarkers against the monochromatic acrylics.

The double-page spread is randomly in the middle of my journal and had other scuff on it so I didn't bother rubbing out pencil lines and kept it all quite sketchy.


  1. she is fabulous! Loving the colour wheels/gelatos too x

  2. FAB colours and designs, Nicola

    See you real soon now


  3. WOW - the first page is great, but the second page is just AWESOME! xxx